The handcrafted guitar: synergy between tradition and art

May 23, 2024

Handcrafted guitar Guitars Ramirez

In the universe of music, there is an important place for the passion and mastery that goes into making a handmade instrument. At Ramírez Guitars, behind every note, every chord, there are centuries of tradition and an unwavering commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. This tradition is breathed in his workshop where it also merges with innovation and research of the present

The essence of artisan workshops

Imagine a place where time seems to stand still, where wood transforms from tree to instrument, where it creates music. This is our workshop, where art and creativity are our daily bread. Within the workshop there is an exchange of knowledge, where the master teaches his apprentices the art of creating an instrument according to his designs.

Family commitment

At Ramírez Guitars, craftsmanship is more than a trade; it is a family heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. Since José Ramírez I entered the workshop of Francisco González in 1870, we have been the guardians of a tradition that makes us proud and defines us. Every handcrafted guitar that leaves our workshop carries with it our stamp, a legacy of excellence and passion for music.

Our family ties are intertwined with the history of music, with legendary names such as Francisco González. The Escuela de Guitarreros de Madrid (formerly the Asociación de violeros, guitarreros en instrumentos de cuerda 1761) was the pillar on which our house was built, and its spirit lives on in every note that emanates from that handcrafted guitar.

Creativity as a banner

We are V generations of guitar makers and each master has contributed to our tradition. José Ramírez I created the Tablao guitar, Manuel Ramírez took this model and transformed it, laying the foundations for today’s flamenco guitar, José Ramírez III introduced innovations such as red cedar, synthetic varnishes, ebony strips, etc. José Ramírez IV took the Traditional model that his father created in the 60’s and made it more comfortable, introduced carbon fibre inside the neck and designed guitars with cutaways that were closer to more popular music, pop, rock, etc. Amalia Ramírez became interested in research into golden measurements and the nomex. Now Enrique and Cristina are gradually taking the reins and approaching different lines of researc

The importance of authenticity

Each instrument that is created in our workshop is unique and is designed for each musician who has placed an order with us, according to his or her specifications and playing style.

The Future of Craftsmanship

In an increasingly digitalised and globalised world, the art of luthiery faces new challenges and opportunities. At Ramirez Guitars, we recognise change without losing sight of our essence. We remain committed to excellence in craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to offer instruments of the highest quality.

In our workshops, the past and the future meet in perfect harmony, always evolving and transforming with our guitarists in mind. At Ramirez Guitars, we move forward, guided by the passion and commitment to fill every corner of the world with music thanks to the musicians.

This story is a summary of what Amalia Ramírez explains to us about the craft and the structure of the artisan workshop in this video.

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