In the Ramírez Guitars workshop we keep the structure of the 19th century artisan workshops, where everyone starts as an apprentice, then is promoted to second level artisan and finally to first level artisan. In our workshop only one Ramírez reaches the category of master, as heir to the knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and is the one who knows and masters perfectly all the construction processes, carries out the research and creates the new designs. If a first level artisan, who is not Ramírez, wants to become a master, he must be independent to create his own workshop, carry out his own research and his own designs. All handmade guitars are supervised by the master who carries out quality control and affixes the label with his signature.

The master, meanwhile, oversees the creation and works in his workshop to develop the new models and techniques that he will show to his workers later on. At present in Ramírez we are in continuous evolution developing two lines of work and research, on the one hand, new techniques to achieve a greater projection and volume with materials such as nómex and on the other hand, the revision of historical models that are helping us to understand the evolution of the guitar, which will later guide us in the creation of new models adjusted to the current times. Our work is 100% handmade with the best materials where time is a fundamental element.