Handcrafted Ramirez guitars in our workshop.

Handcrafted guitars are guitars that are handmade from start to finish. In our Ramirez Guitars workshop we put a lot of care and love to work with each instrument, paying attention to every detail.

In each step of the construction of each of our Ramirez handmade guitars we recreate ourselves and we do not take for good anything that is not perfect, taking special care in the elaboration and selection of the materials of the instrument. Each piece is unique, because it has been handcrafted with love and care, always looking for quality, perfection and durability. At the same time, it is very important to have a conversation with the guitarists to adapt to their needs.

As a result of this work, our handmade guitars are made with the love for our craft and the soul of Ramirez Guitars.

Care of your guitar

A guitar can last you a long time or a few days, depending on how you take care of it. Here are some tips to help you enjoy it for the rest of your life.