Centenario (1A)

Handmade in our workshop with excellent quality wood and natural drying between 20 to 70 years, which increase the stability and enrich the sound quality of the instrument. The price includes Bam high quality case with logo. These guitars are only made to order.


Spruce / Cedar

Solid cypress rosewood double sides and solid Madagascar rosewood / Solid cypress rosewood double sides and solid Brasilian rosewood / Brasilian rosewood

The inner reed of Indian rosewood prevents the appearance of wolf notes and produces a clearer sound.

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With this guitar, we celebrate the first centenary of this house founded in 1882 by José Ramírez I. It is an instrument for which construction we select the most beautiful wood. Its elegant and delicate design shows the skill of the best craftsmanship. The Centenario guitar was designed by José Ramírez III, and even today continues to amaze due to its exquisiteness and exclusivity.
It is based on the construction of our Tradicional guitar, achieving what many call the “Ramírez sound”. Madagascar rosewood provides powerful and deep basses, giving this instrument a round and enveloping sound. It is made to order and you can consult us the modifications you want through our email, so that we can study it and make a new budget: tienda@guitarrasramirez.com.

Technical details

Additional information

Right/ left-Handed

Right-handed or Left-handed


Solid red cedar

Back and sides

Madagascar rosewood

Scale (mm)

650 mm




Madagascar rosewood




Rodgers specially designed headstock


Ramirez high tension 3rd in carbon

Nut and saddle


Nut width

52.5 mm

12th fret height

Prime 3.50 mm and sixth 4.50 mm (*approximate)


Bam logo Ramirez