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This website, like most sites on the Internet, uses cookies to improve and optimise the user experience. Below, you will find detailed information on the nature of ‘cookies’, the types of cookies used on this website, how to disable them in your browser, and how to block the installation of third-party cookies.

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What are cookies and how does www.guitarrasramirez. com website use them?

Cookies are files that the website or application you are using installs on your browser or on your device (smartphone, tablet or connected TV) as you browse the pages or the application and that store information about your visit.

Like most Internet websites, uses cookies to:

– Ensure that the website pages are working correctly.

– Store your preferences, such as the language or the font size you have selected.

– Obtain information on your browsing experience.

– Collect anonymous statistical information, such as the pages you have visited or how long you have spent on our sites.

The use of cookies allows us to optimise your browsing experience by adapting the information and services offered to your interests to provide you with a better experience whenever you visit us. J.R.G MUSICA SL website uses cookies to operate and to adapt and facilitate the user’s browsing experience.

Cookies are only linked to anonymous users and their computers/devices and do not provide any reference that discloses personal data. At any time, you may access your browser’s settings to change and/or block the installation of the cookies sent by J.R.G MUSICA SL website.
This will not prevent you from having access to the contents. However, the quality of the Services provided might be affected.

Users who complete the signing up process or have logged in with their access data will be entitled to access personalised
services adapted to their preferences based on the personal information provided when they signed up and on the information stored in their browsers’ cookies.

J.R.G MUSICA SL email-marketing tools include small images in emails that are invisible to users. This technology allows us to know whether an email has been read, on what date, the IP address from which it was read, etc. We use this information to conduct statistical and analytical studies regarding the sending and reception of emails to improve the range of services to which users have signed up and provide information that may be of interest to them.


Why are they important?

– From a technical point of view, they allow websites to operate faster and to adapt to users’ preferences, such as storing the language, the country’s currency, or detecting the device being used.

– They establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder cyberattacks against the website or its users.

– They enable media managers to obtain statistical data collected by the cookies to improve the quality and experience of its services.

– They serve to optimise the advertising that we show users, offering advertisement that best suit their interests.


What are the different types of Cookies that we use on www.

– Session cookies expire when users leave the page or close their browsers, i.e., they are active as long as the visit to the website lasts and are deleted from users’ computers when they leave the site.

– Permanent cookies expire when the purpose they serve has been achieved or when they are deleted manually; they have a deletion date and are usually used during online shopping, customisations, or to log in so that users do not have to enter their passwords constantly.

On the other hand, depending on the entity that manages the computer or domain from which the cookies are sent and that processes the data collected, we can distinguish between proprietary and third-party cookies.

– Proprietary Cookies are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us to enhance the operation of the Website. The information collected is used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user.

– If you interact with the content of our Website, third- party cookies may also be enabled (for example, by pressing social media buttons or watching videos hosted on another website). Third-party cookies are cookies that belong to a domain other than our Website. We are unable to access data stored in cookies from other websites when you browse on those websites.


Browsing this web portal implies that the following types of Cookies may be installed:

PERFORMANCE These cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and to optimise the performance of our websites.
They store service settings, so you do not have to reconfigure them every time you visit our site.
– Video or sound player volume settings. – Optimum video speed.
– They store the completed purchase in a “shopping cart” in the E-commerce Services.
GEOLOCATION These cookies are used to store geolocation data of the computer or device to offer you more appropriate content and services. – Contents adapted to the country, city, language, etc.
SIGN IN Sign-in cookies are created when you sign up or when you log in to one of our web portals. – You can remain logged in even if you close the browser; therefore, when you return, you will be identified unless you disconnect or log out.
– To access certain areas of our web portals; for example, to take part in a competition.
ANALYTICS These cookies collect information on your browsing experience on our websites in a completely anonymous manner. – We can count the number of visitors to the website or the most often viewed content.
– We can know whether a user who is accessing the site is new or is a repeat visitor.
– This information helps us improve the browsing.
PUBLICITY These cookies collect information about the advertisements displayed to each anonymous user on our web portals. – They adapt advertising to the type of device through which the user is connecting.
– They provide ads managed through third parties (“Ad-servers”) that are displayed on the webpage in real time.


Some J.R.G MUSICA SL services may use links to various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google+.

By signing up to the social media registry, you authorise the social network to store a persistent cookie. These cookies remember your login data for the service, speeding up your subsequent visits. These cookies can be deleted, and, in addition, you can disable the access permissions for J.R.G MUSICA SL services from the privacy settings of a given social network.


How can I configure my Cookies?

By browsing and continuing to visit our website you consent to the use of cookies under the conditions set out in this cookie policy. provides access to this cookie policy when you sign up to ensure users are informed, and without prejudice to users exercising their right to block, eliminate and reject the use of cookies at all times. In any case, you are hereby informed that, since cookies are not required for the use of our website, you can block or disable them in your browser settings, which enables you to reject the installation of all or some cookies.

Most browsers can be configured to warn you of the presence of cookies or to reject them automatically. If you reject them, you will be able to continue using our website, although the use of some of its services might be limited and, therefore, your experience on our website may be less satisfying.

Below are links to the main browsers and devices so that you have all the information you need on how to manage cookies in your browser.


Internet Explorer: internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies


https:/ /

Firefox: quelos-sitios-web-guardan-en-?redirectlocale=en- US&redirectslug=Cookies



Windows Phone: changing-privacy-and-other-browser-settings


Do we update our Cookie Policy?

We may update our website’s Cookie Policy.
Therefore, we recommend that you review this policy every time you access our website so that you are adequately informed about how and why we use cookies.