Segovia (1A)

Handmade in our workshop with excellent quality and naturally dried woods between 20 to 70 years old, which increase the stability and enrich the sound quality of the instrument. The price includes Manzano handmade case with logo. These guitars are only made to order.


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Copy of the 1963 guitar from our collection that belonged to the guitarist Andrés Segovia. This guitar is important because it used red cedar for the first time, a finding of José Ramírez III that soon became popular in the world and that other builders and brands began to use. As it is a reproduction, Brazilian rosewood has been used, which was acquired by José Ramírez III and does not have ebony in the handle, since he introduced it at the end of the 60’s. It is also varnished with French polish and has a carbon bar inside (an improvement introduced by José Ramírez IV in the 90’s). A percentage of the sales will go to support the work of the Andrés Segovia Foundation. In our handcrafted guitars we only use solid wood. It is made to order and you can consult us the modifications you want through our mail, so we can study it and make you a new budget:

Technical details

Additional information


Red cedar

Sides and back

Brazilian rosewood






Brazilian rosewood


French polish


Alessi Ramírez design


Ramírez red cedar top

Nut and saddle


Nut width

52.5 mm

12th fret height

prime 3.50mm and sixth 4.50mm (*approximate)


Manzano (handmade in Spain)