Auditorio Trío (1A)

Handmade in our workshop with excellent quality wood and natural drying between 20 to 70 years, which increase the stability and enrich the sound quality of the instrument. The price includes Manzano handmade case with logo. These guitars are only made to order.

Please note that the mosaic may change as we use different designs for this model.


Solid Red Cedar / Solid Spruce

India rosewood/ Madagascar rosewood / Amazonas rosewood / Cocobolo / Palosanto de Río

Indian rosewood internal reed that avoids the appearance of wolf notes and produces a clearer sound.

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Amalia Ramírez has given new impetus to the design of the Auditorium guitar thanks to the collaboration of her friend the guitarist Manuel Babiloni. It is a further step in the evolution of this guitar, which results have considerably surpassed the previous ones. The current Auditorium has a harmonic body (top, back and sides) totally built with the material known as Nómex. It has a double top, like the original, and also a double back, but unlike the Auditorium Duo (Amalia’s second experiment), it also has double sides, the outer part of rosewood and the inner part of cypress that add brightness to the sound, a combination that is part of the identity of Ramírez guitars.
As all the guitarists who have had the opportunity to try it have agreed, it is a guitar with a surround, cosy, powerful and warm sound, that surrounds when played. This guitar can also be built with cámara. It is based on the construction of our Traditional guitar, achieving what many call “Ramírez sound”, although with much more power. It is made to order and you can ask us for any modifications you want through our email, so we can study it and make you a new budget:

Technical details

Additional information

Right/ left-Handed

Right or left


Solid red cedar

Back and sides

Indian Rosewood

Scale (mm)

650 mm




Indian Rosewood




Exagon Ramirez design


Ramirez high tension 3rd in carbon

Nut and saddle


Nut width

52.5 mm

12th fret height

Prima 3.50 mm and sexta 4.50 mm (*approximate)