José Ramírez Tomás, one more fraud

Jun 14, 2023

José Ramírez Tomás, one more fraud

It would be around the middle of the 70s when guitars began to appear on the market under the name of José Ramirez Tomás.

It was a fraud that brought many complications to my father, José Ramírez III, until they were finally able to locate this José Ramírez Tomás who turned out to be a figurehead for the real fraudster who we could never catch.

Trial against José Ramírez Tomás

My father travelled to Barcelona where the trial would take place, and where it was possible to see that this José Ramírez Tomás was actually a poor man who had been used to carry out this scam without the real author running any risk.

Of course, my father did not accept that someone who was not responsible for the crime should go to jail, but at least they stopped making those guitars that, unfortunately, are still circulating around the world under the name of José Ramírez Tomás, and still there are people who believe that they are authentic Ramírez guitars.

I will also add that those guitars by José Ramírez Tomás were cheap guitars, of poor construction, which have nothing to do with ours.

The fake Ramírez guitars

May this article serve as a warning to those who may still fall into the trap of acquiring one of those fake “Ramírez guitars”. However, it must also be added that, from time to time, counterfeits of our guitars continue to appear, although, unfortunately, until now we have been able to do little to stop the deceit.

For this reason, it is very important that before buying a guitar that is supposed to be from our firm, they contact us to make sure that it is, at least, authentic.

As there is a second-hand market, the risk of falling into the trap is quite high and more than one person has thought they were buying an authentic Ramírez and has been disappointed to find a counterfeit guitar of very poor quality. And, fortunately, there are many people who, before acquiring one of these second-hand guitars, consult us, thus avoiding unnecessary upset.

Amalia Ramírez
Madrid, June 4, 2023

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