Víctor Mongue Serranito Solo Guitar Cycle

Jun 29, 2023

Víctor Mongue Serranito Solo Guitar Cycle

On 21 May 2023 (a date which, curiously enough, coincides with the birthday of my father, José Ramírez IV), the presentation of the guitar series named after the maestro Serranito took place as part of the Flamenco Madrid festival. It could not have been in a better place than the Corral de la Morería, both for the pages he wrote and writes in the history of flamenco and for his position as a reference in the tablaos.

It was attended by friends and personalities such as José María Velázquez-Gaztelu (flamencologist, poet and filmmaker), Carlos Martín Ballester (Círculo Flamenco de Madrid), Alberto Martínez de la Plaza (Flamenco Vive), María Larroca (Vive Pasión Flamenca), Joni Jiménez (guitarist), Ángel Rojas (director of the Flamenco Madrid festival), Cristina Bordas (musicologist and professor at the UCM) and many others. Also present were the del Rey family (starting with the great Blanca del Rey and her sons Juan Manuel and Armando), owners of such a distinguished place dedicated to flamenco.

Master of guitarists

The presentation was led by the flamencologist and producer José Manuel Gamboa who, as always, guided the maestro through his memory with affection. It is usual in his way of proceeding to create a space where intelligence, anecdotes and humour are at ease to get the audience to interact, while he delicately takes the hand of the interviewee and leads him as a spectator to his own story.

To talk about Víctor is a big word, because he is not just any flamenco guitarist, he is, as José Manuel called him, “master of guitarists”, to which we add: “and living history of flamenco”.

Interview with Víctor Monge Serranito

Our admiration and deep affection for Serranito may not speak objectively, but the facts are the facts and there is no shadow that covers the character. He is one of those people who shine on their own, who through his generosity has boosted the careers of many great artists (as they did with him). His humility only speaks of his greatness.

During the interview several stages of his extensive career were visited, from his beginnings to the culmination of his career, where special importance was given to his contribution to the flamenco guitar thanks to his technique, which never forgot its mission to move and transmit.

We are delighted that one of his dreams has taken a first step with this cycle dedicated to solo flamenco guitar, which we hope will grow slowly and well each year. Perhaps it is the beginning that recovers what musicians like Serranito achieved, as it is not true that it is difficult to capture the public’s interest in solo flamenco guitar, it is only necessary to have a programme and spaces to demonstrate it.

There are many great guitarists who today attract a large audience and there are many who come to our shop to ask us about guitar concerts.

Participation of José Luis Montón

Finally, the finale was brought to a close by our friend, the guitarist José Luis Montón who, as always, from an original perspective, played his own particular tribute to Serranito in an impeccable and elegant way. Taking a motif by the maestro por tarantas, he joined and linked the notes and dedicated a solo to him as the inspiration for the piece.

Below, we will share some brief moments that occurred during the performance:

Solo guitarist. Relationship with José Ramírez III

Golden age of the guitar


Rafael Farina and Andrés Segovia

31 May 2023
Cristina Eugenia Ramírez Sanginés


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