Model Marcel Dadí

Apr 3, 2024

Marcel Dadi Guitarras Ramírez

First Ramírez Spanish guitar with cutaway

It was in the mid 80’s when my brother, José Ramírez IV, set out to build the first Spanish guitar with cutaway for a different style of music than what we usually built, that is, classical or flamenco music. He was thinking of guitarists who were looking for a type of instrument that was better suited to their musical style and that could be electrified. That is how he convinced our father, José Ramírez III, to collaborate with him to design such a special and innovative guitar, based on the acoustic guitars with cutaway with steel strings, but with characteristics of the Spanish guitar and adding to its special sound the sweetness of the nylon string.

Then our cutaway guitar was born, which we called CWE, and in addition to the studio line, they made two professional models, the C86CWE and the AC650NY, both electrified. The C86CWE guitar had the same template as the C86 model, with a 650mm neck, while the AC650NY was a totally different model, with a cutaway whose soundboard, instead of coinciding with the 12th fret, coincides with the 14th fret, making it easier to access, allowing you to get into the fretboard up to the soundhole.

Collaboration with Marcel Dadí

Aware of this novelty, Marcel Dadí wanted to collaborate in the project. He contributed his particular way of playing and his opinions until he achieved a guitar that fully satisfied him. For this reason, the C86CWE, as well as the studio line of the same design. The models 2CWE, 3CWE, 4CWE and 5CWE (all the latter made in Spanish factories, with our design, with the exception of the 5CWE which was made in our workshop) carried the musician’s name. Marcel Dadi was really enthusiastic about this guitar and the first C86CWE MARCEL DADI was built for him with the ornamentation of our Elite model. The collaboration lasted until his death in 1996 in a tragic plane crash. We kept his name attached to the model for what we considered a prudent period of time as a tribute to his memory.

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