The 36 mm headmachine we used before the 80’s

Jun 22, 2023

The importance of the guitar headmachine

Guitars are made up of a set of pieces that, when placed strategically, produce a beautiful sound. So, today we talk about the importance of the headmachine of a guitar and we show you our Ramírez 36 mm headmachine.

The importance of a guitar headmachine

The headmachine of a guitar plays a crucial role in the tuning of the instrument, as it allows you to adjust the tension of the strings and thus achieve the desired tones.

A quality, well-built headmachine must ensure good string tuning while the guitar is played, allowing for a clean and accurate sound.

On the other hand, the headmachine is a relevant element in the design of the guitar, helping to enhance the design of the instrument.

Our 36 mm headmachine

The guitars handmade in our workshop until the 80’s had headmachine with a distance of 36 mm between rollers, it was then when it was changed to the current measurement of 35 mm.

In those years Fustero was used and it was the best option at that time, but we wanted to launch this headmachine because it is much more precise than its predecessor, besides its aesthetics is more elegant and simple.

This is a professional headmachine handmade in Italy, which allows a precise tuning and a distinguished look to the guitar.

Here we leave you the product sheet of the Ramirez 36 mm guitar headmachine so you can learn more features and buy it online!

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