New models of handcrafted guitars

Sep 21, 2023

New models of handcrafted guitars

In Ramírez Guitars we have added 2 new models of handmade guitars to our collection, both very significant for their relationship with the history of our workshop.

Learn about their characteristics and the peculiarities that define them!

Segovia Model

The Segovia model is a reproduction of the 1963 guitar that José Ramírez III built for Andrés Segovia.

It was the first time in history that red cedar was used in the top, something that was later used by other builders and manufacturers of different types of guitars. This caused it to become one of the most popular woods in guitar building.

In this example we have used Brazilian rosewood that was acquired by José Ramírez III. In addition, the guitar is varnished with gomalaca and has a carbon stiffening bar inside.

This guitar is made to order at and a percentage of the sale will go to support the work of the Andrés Segovia Foundation.

Legado Model

The Legado model is the guitar that commemorates the 40 years of Amalia Ramirez‘s guitar profession and speaks of another of her great passions: astrology.

This guitar encompasses all the innovations she has developed during her professional career, in addition to having created a very beautiful design, a hallmark of her guitars. It has a double top, double floor and double hoop, thus achieving a greater projection and volume.

To purchase this guitar, it is also necessary to order through

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