Interview with Paco Vidal and his guitar ‘Candela’.

Jun 7, 2024

Interview with Paco Vidal and his ‘Candela’ Guitarras Ramírez

In this interview, we are honoured to discuss Paco Vidal, a talented flamenco guitarist who has dedicated his life to music. Paco plays a traditional Serranito, which he has named ‘Candela’. It is common for flamenco guitarists to name their guitars after their children, reflecting the deep emotional bond they have with their instruments. Throughout this interview, Paco shares his experiences, influences and his love for the guitar.

The discovery of the guitar

Paco Vidal discovered his passion for the guitar at the early age of 2, thanks to his mother. Since then, the guitar has been his way of expressing himself and living. ‘The guitar is my life, my voice and my refuge’, says Paco with emotion. His connection to the instrument is evident in every note he plays and in every composition he creates.

Influences and masters

Paco Vidal has had the good fortune to learn from some of the great masters of flamenco. He was a student of Manolo Sanlúcar, a legendary figure who has dedicated his life to music. He was also taught by Víctor Monge Serranito and Rafael Riqueni, both of whom have profoundly influenced his style and technique. Paco shares anecdotes of his apprenticeships with these masters and how they have shaped his musical career.

The traditional serranito: ‘Candela’.

Paco’s guitar, ‘Candela’, is a Traditional Serranito and was one of the first one made by José Enrique Ramírez, grandson of José Ramírez IV, who together with his sister Cristina form the V generation of guitar makers. Amalia Ramirez is their master. It was Cristina who had the intuition that this guitar was going to fascinate Paco and so she gave it to him to try. She was not wrong.

The life of a flamenco guitarist

Paco Vidal has lived in various cities such as Madrid, Granada, Bilbao and Chiclana, which has enriched his musical perspective. He talks about the influence of being born and raised in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a place with a rich flamenco tradition. His stay in Madrid allowed him to collaborate with renowned artists and expand his musical horizon.

Composition and inspiration

For Paco, inspiration can come at any time and in any place. His compositions reflect not only his moods, but also his experiences, readings and visual experiences. ‘Every experience, every book and every image can become music,’ says Paco. This approach allows him to create pieces that are emotionally rich and deeply personal.

The world of strings

The choice of strings is a crucial aspect for any guitarist. Paco Vidal explains how each guitar can respond differently to different strings. “The choice of strings is a very personal thing. Not all strings work the same on all guitars,’ says Paco. This knowledge and attention to detail is part of what makes Paco an exceptional guitarist. Paco Vidal, with his guitar ‘Candela’, continues to explore and expand the boundaries of flamenco. His dedication, influences and passion for music are reflected in every performance and composition.

At Guitarras Ramirez, we are proud to be a part of his musical journey and to provide the instruments that inspire artists like Paco. Since 1882, we have been master guitar makers, and seeing our instruments come to life in the hands of talented musicians like Paco is a priceless reward. Here’s a link to the interview so you can watch it in full.

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