Guitarras Ramírez on RTVE Radio 3

Nov 23, 2023

Guitarras Ramírez en Radio 3 de RTVE

Every Saturday and Sunday from 18.00 to 19.00 we can enjoy the programme “Duendeando” on Radio 3, where all the musical trends within the flamenco framework are reviewed.

The programme features personalities who, in one way or another, are related to this musical genre. At Guitarras Ramírez we were invited for a special programme in which the guitar was the star.

Amalia Ramírez in “Duendeando”.

Amalia Ramírez tells in the programme about the beginnings of the workshop, which was opened by José Ramírez I in 1882. She also explains how, in spite of the years, the construction of Ramírez guitars is still handmade, everything built by hand.

In this programme we can discover how José Ramírez I gave life to the “Guitarra deTablao“, due to the need to create guitars that could be heard above the characteristic noise of the flamenco tablaos and singing cafés, where the noise, clapping and tapping left the guitars that existed until then in the background.

From this point on, a distinction began to be made between the classical guitar and the flamenco guitar. The flamenco guitar is percussive and has a bright sound, while the classical guitar has a sweeter sound, rich in harmonics and with an important projection.

Amalia also talks about the responsibility of continuing the family business, as Ramírez guitars have achieved great historical and international prestige. In this way, it is very important for her to maintain the tradition as a base and origin, while at the same time innovating and incorporating novelties in the construction of guitars.

She also tells us that in the workshop they have built other types of instruments such as the bandurria or the lute, and talks about the first women guitar makers, including herself.

In the programme Amalia explains which woods are to be used in each part of the guitar and shows the importance of the shape of the head of the guitar, as it is the signature of the guitar maker.

To buy a Ramírez guitar it must be made to order, as the time it takes to build a guitar requires a lot of time.

We leave you here the link to the programme “Duendeando” of Radio 3 of RTVE so that you can listen to it in its entirety.

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