Amalia Ramírez on RTVE, programme ‘¿Quién es quién?

Jun 12, 2024

Amalia Ramírez en RTVE, programa “¿Quién es quién?

In the RTVE programme ‘¿Quién es quién?’, Amalia Ramírez gives us an exclusive look at the workshop of the Ramírez Guitars. This episode is a gem for guitar and music lovers, as it gives us an in-depth insight into the creation process of the legendary Ramírez family guitars.

The process of creation

Amalia Ramírez explains that a Ramírez guitar can have up to 14,838 parts (counting elements such as the mosaic made up of several pieces, or the small caps that close the inside of the guitar). The wood used is crucial, with Spanish cypress and rosewood as the most used woods in the construction, although others such as walnut, maple, cocobolo… Spruce and red cedar, discovered by José Ramírez, Amalia’s father, for its peculiar and velvety sound, are usually used for the top. And ebony is used for the fingerboard.

Variety and prices of guitars

Ramirez Guitars offer a wide variety of models, with prices that reflect the dedication and effort invested in each instrument. The traditional guitars are the most valuable, with a creation time of up to 3 or 4 months to produce four guitars. This is due to meticulous craftsmanship, including a waiting list of up to a year and a half for custom models. In our store in Calle de la Paz we have guitars of other brands reviewed and adjusted by us, more economical for people who are starting out or have a smaller budget (around 190 euros).

International expansion

The excellence of Ramírez Guitars has crossed borders, being highly appreciated in countries such as Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. This international demand reflects the quality and prestige of the brand in the world of music.

Generational change

Amalia Ramírez also speaks of the generational change within the company. Her nieces and nephews, José Enrique and Cristina, are taking on key roles, ensuring that the Ramírez family tradition and legacy continues with the same passion and dedication as ever.

Training new guitar makers

Finding professional guitar makers to train and learn the trade is a challenge nowadays. Amalia stresses the importance of keeping this craft tradition alive and how difficult it is to find young people willing to dedicate themselves to this art.

Women in the world of the guitar

Amalia Ramírez tells what it was like to grow up in a world dominated by men and how she and other women like Concepción González have made their way in the guitar-making profession. Her story is an inspiration for many women seeking to make a name for themselves in this traditionally male-dominated field. The programme ‘¿Quién es quién?’ Who’ offers a fascinating insight into the history and work behind the Ramírez Guitars. Amalia Ramírez, with her knowledge and experience, shows us why these guitars are so special and how the Ramírez family continues to make a difference in the world of music. Here is the link to listen to the interview with Amalia Ramírez.

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