Project for the revalorisation of the traditional guitar

Dec 7, 2023

Project for the revalorisation of the traditional guitar

The project “Tiene boca y sabe hablar” aims to document, disseminate and revalue the guitar playing of the Spanish oral tradition.

This work began in 2018, producing audiovisual pieces in order to receive the knowledge and experience of musicians and personalities with a wide-ranging relationship in the musical universe of the guitar.

The traditional guitar

The use of the traditional guitar focuses us on a very specific universe within the technique of the instrument, since the basis is found in its execution, following a strumming style.

The types of strumming and striking can obtain very different sonorities, just as the combination of the right hand with the left can lead to modifications in the chords that produce different sound effects.

With regard to its geographical distribution, the guitar has not been used uniformly in all territories, since there are areas where this instrument has been more widely used and where the musical style for which it has been employed has been very diverse.

The project “It has a mouth and it knows how to speak”.

In order to define the concept of traditional guitar that we have shown above, the representatives of the project have tried to cover the entire geography, finding mostly high quality primary sources scattered throughout rural areas.

This research has been carried out in order to rescue the memory of the instrument in its original context, to address theoretical aspects that appear in different cultural areas, to document the current use in the tradition of instruments unrelated to the evolution of the guitar and to record in audiovisual format small documentaries related to the instrument, among other major goals.

Here is a link to the project’s website so that you can enjoy each of its chapters.

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