Ramirez MT 3rd Carbon Strings

These strings are ideal for those who are looking for more comfort when playing, because they have less pulsation or because they have just started to learn the instrument. They have a rich, stable and powerful sound. The 3rd string is always a problematic string because of the change between the twists and the trebles, that’s why we use carbon on this string to make the contrast less.

MEDIUM TENSION ( 3rd in carbon)
1st Mi =0,73 mm 7,225Kg
2nd Si = 0.83 mm 5.550 Kg
3rd G = 0,88 mm 6,250 Kg (carbon)
4th Re = 0.78 mm 7.540 Kg
5th La = 0.86 mm 6.700 Kg
6th Mi = 1,09 mm 6,350 Kg


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