High tension and 3rd Carbon Guitar Strings

Our guitar strings have a harmonic, rich, stable and powerful sound. In addition, its high tension gives the instrument a greater projection.

We use carbon on the 3rd string as it is the most problematic, due to the change between the entorchadas and the tiples, achieving the least change and providing less contrast and more stability. For this reason, we use these strings in all our Ramírez guitars.

HIGH TENSION (3rd carbon)
1st Mi =0,75 mm 7,575Kg
2nd Si = 0,85 mm 5,700 Kg
3rd G = 0,88 mm 6,250 Kg (carbon)
4th Re = 0.82 mm 7.950 Kg
5th La = 0.89 mm 7.020 Kg
6th Mi = 1.13 mm 6.650 Kg


Ramírez guitar strings are the preferred choice of professional guitarists, thanks to their nuanced sound and tuning stability.

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Weight 1 kg