Ramírez Medium Tension Guitar Strings

Our medium tension guitar strings are the perfect balance between comfort and sound projection. They have an ideal tension for low-pickup players looking for the sweetness of nylon.

Whether through soft chords or virtuosic solos, these guitar strings provide a consistent response and an enveloping sound. In addition, they guarantee a smooth playing feel.

AVERAGE VOLTAGE (3rd in nylon)
1st Mi =0,73 mm 7,225Kg
2nd Si = 0.83 mm 5.550 Kg
3rd G = 1,02 mm 5,220 Kg
4th Re = 0.78 mm 7.540 Kg
5th La = 0.86 mm 6.700 Kg
6th Mi = 1,09 mm 6,350Kg


Discover a new level of musical expression with our medium-tension guitar strings, a combination of playability and sound quality.

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Weight 1 kg