Inner visions of Flamenco -Raúl Mannola

Born in Brazil, raised in Finland and living in Madrid, the guitarist Raúl Mannola has been linked to the art of flamenco for the last 25 years. With a remarkable and innovative technique, he makes room for a non-traditional instrumentation that brings new colors and timbres to the language.

Mannola alternates between flamenco guitar and 12-string guitar on “Grande y Eterna” and “Ese Gitano Bueno”, and Raoul Bjorkenheim’s electric guitar is also a highlight of the album. Mannola presents himself at all times in his compositions as a wonderfully rhythmic accompanist, a subtle colourist and a fine soloist. In these seven songs he covers granainas, milongas, seguiryas, abandolaos and even the elegant bulerías.





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