Guitarist’s footrest bench

Handmade footrest for guitarists in Spain, designed by the Woodworks Buschmann Bella studio in Galicia.

Innovative, elegant and functional, without hardware and with the Ramírez logo engraved by fire. The materials used are woods such as walnut and ash, and cork is also used to act as a non-slip surface.

The finish is made with oil wax (Danish oil de rustin) and other oils. They are unique pieces and are numbered, like the works of art that they are.


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As craftsmen we want to support other trades similar to ours, as our way of working, as well as paying attention to detail and making durable, beautiful, unique and quality pieces, is respectful of the environment. That is why we contacted Artesanía de Galicia who put us in touch with Frank Buschmann.

We hope this is the beginning of a project in which we can offer you the best product made in Spain in a handmade way.

For basic maintenance of the Ramirez Guitars guitarist’s stool, you can use a damp cloth. If you use it a lot and over time it gets worn out, you can apply oil like Kirjes.

The way to apply it is as follows: rub some wax with a cotton cloth on the piece, then warm it up a little bit with a hairdryer and finally polish it a little bit with a cotton cloth.

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