Ramírez High Tension Guitar Strings

With these guitar strings we get a harmonically rich, colourful and powerful sound. In addition, they are ideal for all demanding musicians who are looking for strong and durable guitar strings.

Through the high tension, we achieve a higher projection and they are perfect for those who like the sweetness of nylon. This allows for a smooth and comfortable playing with the strings.

HIGH VOLTAGE (3º nylon)
1st Mi =0,75 mm 7,575Kg
2nd Si = 0,85 mm 5,700 Kg
3rd G = 1,05 mm 5,800 Kg
4th Re = 0.82 mm 7.950 Kg
5th La = 0.89 mm 7.020 Kg
6th Mi = 1.13 mm 6.650 Kg


Whether you are a professional or amateur guitarist, our Ramírez high tension strings will suit your instrument, giving you an exceptional musical experience.

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Weight 1 kg