Peghead pegs: operation and benefits

Jul 20, 2023

Peghead pegs: operation and benefits

At Ramírez Guitars we are going to tell you about the Peghead pegs, which imitate the wooden or stick pegs. This way, we keep the aesthetics, but we get the precision of a mechanical headmachine.

Discover the characteristics of the Peghead pegs, which we have introduced in some of our models such as the Tablao Guitar!

Wooden pegs

Guitars used to have wooden pegs and there are still some guitarists who like them but they are very few. The mechanical tuning machines were replaced with the appearance of the mechanical tuning peg, which is much more precise, does not cause so many tuning problems and is easier to use.

Normally, when they see this type of pegs they run away and don’t want anything to do with the guitar because it is unreliable and may cause you some unpleasantness in a live event.

Mechanical headmachine

There were brands of headmachine that realized that aesthetically of the wooden pegs looked very good, so they created this type of pegs with wooden peg aesthetics, but with an internal mechanism. Its system makes that only the outside peg moves, while the rest remains fixed.

In this way, if you want to tune it, you have to move the peg a little bit and, to go down or up more than one tone, you take the mechanism out a little bit and move it until you find the right tuning. Then, we gently push it back in to lock it.

This ensures that the tuning remains fixed and does not move as it did with wooden tuning pegs.

Wooden pegs vs. mechanical headmachine

There is also some controversy with this type of tuning pegs because some people think that wooden pegs give a better sound to the guitar.

We, from experience, think that the benefit is not so great that the improvement in sound (for many people don´t exist) compensates for sacrificing of the comfort of a very precise tuning headmachine and the security that gives you a mechanism that does not present inconveniences in a live concert, a recording and in the life of the guitarist in general.

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