5E, 5CWE and SP

Oct 26, 2023

Our first handmade studio guitars

At Guitarras Ramírez, we are always carrying out research and innovations to create guitars that adapt to the needs and requirements of guitarists. This is how the first Guitarras Ramírez handcrafted studio guitars were born.

Read our article to learn about the history of the 5E, 5CWE and SP guitars!

Construction of the first Ramirez studio guitars

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, we made an experiment in the workshop, consisting of building a handmade studio guitar and seeing if we could do the maths. It didn’t come out, so we had to stop building that model we called 5E, in its classic version, and 5CWE in its cutaway version.

This means that the people who were lucky enough to acquire the few copies that we made have a high-quality handcrafted instrument at a really low price, higher, yes, than the most expensive studio model, the 4E, made in Spanish factories with our design and technical specifications, and under our strict quality control and adjustments in our workshop.

Features of the 5E and 5CWE guitars

These 5E and 5CWE guitars had the particularity of having a slightly larger harmonic body (we’re talking about a millimetre or a little more) than their sisters of the E series. For the rest, their sound quality was superior to the rest of the series, since as I have indicated above it was a model entirely built by hand in our workshop.

The idea, which we never abandoned, was to have a guitar that would be an intermediate step between our studio models and our professional guitars. And as I have also indicated, the numbers did not add up since the cost was higher than its starting price.

Transformation to SP guitar

That was not the only reason why we decided to build, in the 90s, the SP, now SPR, (semi-professional) guitar, since the purpose of this guitar was to test it before turning it into the Especial guitar, of simpler construction than the Tradicional, as it does not have a double inner sides and some other interior design details, looking for a sound with a faster response demanded by some guitarists.

This experiment was devised by my brother José Ramírez IV, and it was initially very well received, although over time we stopped building it since most of the orders were for the Tradicional guitar.

However, in 2021 we relaunched this Special model whose characteristic is a delightful sound, although with less power than our Tradicional model, as a tribute to my brother and his contributions to the guitar construction.

Amalia Ramírez
August 4, 2023

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