Our deconstructed guitar in the exhibition Flamenco Chipén

Feb 15, 2024

Our deconstructed guitar in the exhibition Flamenco Chipén

The Dirección General de Patrimonio Cultural presents Flamenco Chipén, an exciting exhibition that invites you to travel through the history of flamenco in Madrid from the mid-19th century to the 1990s. Thus, they wanted to collaborate with Guitarras Ramírez to present a deconstructed flamenco guitar.

David Calzado and Teo Sánchez are the curators of the exhibition that will take place from 9 February to 17 May in the Sala El Águila, immersing us in a journey through 150 years of singing, guitar playing and dancing.

A historical journey in five sections

The exhibition is divided into five sections that cover the evolution of flamenco in the capital, showing us the first documentary references to flamenco.

We are also presented with the first tablao founded in Spain, historical dance academies and guitar makers of the best luthiers in the country, including Guitarras Ramírez.

It also shows us the emergence of the “young flamencos” that took place between the 80s and 90s and includes more than 150 varied pieces made up of posters, documents and press archives, the clothing of great references and even a documentary video with testimonies of protagonists who have stood out in the areas with the greatest concentration of talent in the history of flamenco in Madrid.

At Guitarras Ramírez we have collaborated in the exhibition by installing a deconstructed flamenco guitar. This installation allows the public to understand the construction process of this instrument that is so essential to flamenco.

Here is a link with more information about this exhibition that you can’t miss.

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