New amplification system at Guitarras Ramírez

Jan 11, 2024

New amplification system at Guitarras Ramírez

At Guitarras Ramírez we are always committed to innovation and the incorporation of new features in our guitars, constantly seeking to improve the musical experience of guitarists. For this reason, we have worked together with LR baggs to include a new amplification system in our models.

We tell you about its features and advantages!

Anthem amplification system

The Anthem system brings out the best qualities of the guitar through the design of a microphone that amplifies the instrument.

As a general rule, when a microphone is added to the pickups, the sound improves, but in most cases, it only achieves a high-frequency texture, without removing the negative aspects of the pickup.

With Anthem amplification, however, the microphone has been made the system’s star, using the pickup only for the lower frequencies. In this way, microphone quality is achieved with resistance to feedback.

Anthem System and Ramirez Guitars

This amplification system has been adapted to our guitars, making the result unbeatable, obtaining a clean and natural sound.

In addition, it picks up the hits on the top, as it has a piezo, which makes it an exciting alternative for flamenco and other popular music.

Another fact to highlight is that the system has almost no work and there is almost no need to make interventions on the instrument, so it can be implemented comfortably.

Here is a video where Loyd baggs, president of LR baggs, explains the system in more depth.

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