Aug 4, 2021

Guitarras hechas a mano vs guitarras de estudio

In this video Cristina Ramirez uncovers this doubt that many of you usually have between these two product lines. In addition, the guitarist Adrián Baratech will give voice to two of the most representative models of each of the features. To sum up, the guitars that we call Studio guitars are guitars that we design, that have our templates (E line, R line or commemorative line) and that we send to be made exclusively to different Spanish factories, then they arrive to our workshop where we check them, we pass the quality control and we adjust them. The last thing that is placed is the Ramirez label that certifies that this guitar has our quality.

Handmade guitars are guitars that we handcraft in our workshop. Between the selection of the material and the rest of the process it took us approximately 3 months to build them. These guitars have a waiting list.

In the video the Studio Time model and the handmade Antiguamodel are tested.