Guitarras Ramírez podcast

Feb 22, 2024

Guitarras Ramírez podcast

Music is a universal language that connects us, moves us and transports us to places beyond our physical borders.

At Guitarras Ramírez we are committed to spreading and spreading knowledge about the wonderful world of the guitar, so we are excited to present our latest project: our podcast “Palabras con Solera“!

Words with Solera

This space is designed to take you on a journey through the universe of the guitar. Therefore, we will conduct exclusive interviews with leading figures in the guitar world, explore stories and experiences that have shaped today’s music scene, tell funny and surprising anecdotes and listen to a lot of music.

In addition, we’ll talk about key elements in the craftsmanship and evolution of musical styles that have been influenced by our guitars. Thus, our podcast will offer you a unique and enriching perspective on everything related to the most emblematic instrument in music.

Interview with Miguel Martínez in our first episode

In our first episode we are honored to present an interview with Miguel Martínez, the former manager of our guitar shop, second generation in our company and living memory of our tradition.

During the podcast he shares his reflections on the history and legacy of Guitarras Ramírez, from the early days of the company to the most significant milestones in its development. He also reflects on his role in preserving the tradition and craftsmanship that have made our brand famous around the world.

Here is the link to Spotify and Apple Podcast so you can listen to it in its entirety.

Ramirez Guitars Spotify List

In addition to our exciting podcast, we would also like to invite you to explore our Spotify playlist, which features a selection of songs that have been recorded using a Ramirez guitar.

Including classical pieces and contemporary music, immersing you in the incomparable sound and tonal beauty of our guitars.

Follow our podcast and Spotify playlist and enjoy the magic of the guitar!

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