Andrés Segovia playing the Cavatina

Jun 12, 2024

Andrés Segovia playing the Cavatina Guitarras Ramírez

Maestro Segovia and the Traditional guitar model

In the classical guitar world, the name Andrés Segovia resonates with particular reverence. Not only did this virtuoso Spanish guitarist elevate the status of the classical guitar to unprecedented levels, but he also collaborated closely with master luthiers to develop instruments that could do justice to his art. One of his most notable collaborations was with José Ramírez III, with whom he worked to create the iconic Guitarras Ramírez guitar, model Tradicional 1A, affectionately known as the Segovia model.

The magic of Cavatina

One of Segovia’s most memorable moments is his performance of ‘Cavatina’. Played on his trusty Ramírez guitar, model Tradicional 1A, this piece showcases the instrument’s ability to produce a sound that is rich in colour, sweet, deep, with volume and remarkable projection. This model of guitar is considered one of the milestones in the evolution of the instrument, given its complex construction process and the tonal excellence it offers. Segovia’s performance of the ‘Cavatina’ is a testament to his unique ability to make the music flow with unparalleled mastery. Today, although there are many highly skilled guitarists, the way Segovia made his guitar sing is absolutely unrepeatable, comparable to a true orchestra in the richness and depth of its sound.

An immortal legacy

The collaboration between Andrés Segovia and José Ramírez III not only resulted in the creation of an exceptional instrument, but also left a lasting legacy in the classical guitar world. The Guitarras Ramírez 1A Traditional guitar continues to be a benchmark for musicians around the world who seek unparalleled sound and unsurpassed build quality. In the following video, you can appreciate the majesty of Andrés Segovia’s interpretation of ‘Cavatina & Danza Pomposa’, a work that allows you to discover the depth and lyricism of the Ramírez Traditional guitar in the hands of the master.

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