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May 7, 2024

Adrián Baratech Guitarras Ramírez

Adrián Baratech transports us through time and space with his latest album, entitled ‘Romanticismo Meridional: música para guitarra de la primera mitad del siglo XIX‘ (Southern Romanticism: guitar music from the first half of the 19th century). In this album, Baratech presents a selection of works by southern European composers such as Dionisio Aguado, José Ferrer, José Brocá, Napoleón Coste, Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti, Antoine de Lhoyer and Mauro Giuliani. Immerse yourself in this musical journey through the richness of Southern Romanticism and discover the versatility of the guitar as the leading instrument of this period.

A Musicological Approach

Adrian Baratech’s album sheds light on a little-known facet of Romanticism, which is not only limited to the Central European tradition, but also encompasses a rich Southern European heritage, especially Hispanic and Italian. These works illustrate the particular sensibility of the composers of the period and contribute to enriching the guitar repertoire with a unique regional perspective. Remember that you can purchase this magnificent album on our website.

The Romantic Guitar

Adrián Baratech uses the Romantica guitar model, created by José Ramírez III, to record this album, which adds a level of authenticity and historical fidelity to his performance. This type of guitar, characterised by its distinctive construction and sound, evokes the very essence of Romanticism and transports us to the atmosphere of the romantic salons of the 19th century.

Professional Career

Born in Madrid, Adrián Baratech is a guitarist with a solid training and an outstanding professional career. He has studied with renowned masters such as Manuel Rubio, Miguel Trápaga and Lorenzo Micheli, among others. His commitment to interpretative excellence and his passion for music have led him to give solo recitals and to collaborate in chamber music projects, thus demonstrating his versatility and his profound knowledge of the guitar repertoire.

Interpretative Honesty and Artistic Coherence

Adrián Baratech’s interpretation is characterised by his honesty and artistic coherence. His meticulous attention to detail, elegant phrasing and profound sense of lyricism make each of his interpretations unique and moving. With impeccable technique and exceptional musical sensitivity, Baratech invites us to immerse ourselves in the beauty and emotion of Southern Romantic music.

The Guitar as Confidant of the Human Voice

Together with mezzo-soprano Lucía Caihuela, Adrián Baratech forms the ‘Dúo Errantes‘, demonstrating that the guitar can be a tireless companion to the human voice. This unique collaboration highlights the versatility of the instrument and its ability to express a wide range of emotions and nuances.

Ramirez Guitars: A Tradition of Excellence since 1882

At Guitarras Ramírez, we share Adrian Baratech’s passion for music and the guitar. As master guitar makers since 1882, we are proud to be part of the rich history of the guitar and music of the 19th century. Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality has allowed us to remain a leader in the guitar world and continue to inspire musicians around the world to play our six-string instruments. Adrian Baratech invites us to explore Southern Romanticism through his music, offering us a unique and exciting listening experience. Immerse yourself in his musical world and let yourself be carried away by the beauty and emotion of the romantic guitar.

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