A family legacy in “La cabaña del Luthier”

Mar 26, 2024

Enrique and Cristina Ramírez la cabaña del luthier Guitarras Ramirez EN

In the podcast “La cabaña del Luthier” by Vael de Ginés, Enrique and Cristina Ramírez open the doors to their workshop and take us on a fascinating journey through the history of Guitarras Ramírez, a family business that has achieved great recognition in the world of the guitar


The Ramírez brothers tell us how the knowledge and passion for luthiery has been passed down through the five generations of the family. They share with us anecdotes and memories of their childhood in the workshop, surrounded by wood, tools and the sound of guitars under construction. In their story, the importance of tradition and respect for the artisan methods that have characterised Ramírez Guitars since its beginnings is evident.

The importance of sound

For the Ramírez brothers, sound is the soul of a guitar. They explain how they work to achieve a unique and characteristic sound in each instrument, seeking a balance between power, clarity and sustain. We know the importance of tuning and adjusting the guitar to obtain an optimal sound.

Enrique and Cristina share with us their plans for the future of the compan innovation in design and the training of new generations of luthiers. They state that their goal is to maintain the family legacy and to continue passing on the passion for luthiery to the next generations.

If you want to know more about this podcast in which we have participated, enter this Spotify link and get to know us!

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