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Guitarras hechas a mano vs guitarras de estudio


In this video Cristina Ramirez uncovers this doubt that many of you usually have between these two product lines. In addition, the guitarist Adrián Baratech will give voice to two of the most representative models of each of the features. To sum up, the guitars that we call Studio guitars are guitars that we design, that have our templates (E line, R line or commemorative line) and that we send to be made exclusively to different Spanish factories, then they arrive to our workshop where we...


Few festivals have shown such an interesting vision on the craft of musical instruments, Música no Claustro has given us an enriching space for the growth and enrichment of our crafts, providing a space for debate and coexistence. From the problems of wood, through the challenges and new restoration techniques, without forgetting to address the legal issue and aid to the sector. Great professionals from various sectors had the opportunity to share their knowledge with the listeners, all this...


We recover these photographs of our historical workshop of Concepción Jerónima street number 2 published in Blanco y Negro in 1927. In them you can see José Ramírez II checking and revising the instruments as a teacher at that time. The best known official at that time was the one known as Mr. Benito, who was mainly dedicated to the construction of bandurrias and lutes under the guidelines, research and templates designed by the master José Ramírez. Images that speak to us of another era, but...
Guitarras hechas a mano para José Luis Montón


As you already know the relationship between Casa Ramirez and its guitarists is very important, the friendship that develops over the years leads to endless chats that invite us to discover what they are looking for. From the first time José Luis had one of our guitars in his hands we were proud of him, because we admire tremendously this multifaceted, elegant and creative musician. His works move from flamenco to other music with tremendous ease and taste, creating music after all. It is not...
What are Ramírez handmade guitars?

What are Ramírez handmade guitars?

If we take into account the meaning of craftsmanship as the "art and technique of making or elaborating objects or products by hand, with simple apparatus and in a traditional way", we are talking about very different concepts to objects made in series, as is done in factories, using machines and automated processes. So to talk now about purely handmade guitars is to enter another world. It's neither better nor worse, it's different, they are aimed at a different audience. Handmade guitars are...


    Víctor Monge Serranito has taken the brave decision to say goodbye to the stage and to his audience in a last great tour that began in the Paco de Lucía Festival in Algeciras and that has had its most important start in a festival and in a city very dear to him: Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba. The master always vindicated the role of the soloist flamenco guitar, imposing in the Café de Chinitas in Madrid a show where it was the protagonist. We owe so many guitarists and...

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