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With the same Traditional Model template, bracing and sound features in which we have applied new construction techniques that have increased its power, amplitude and sustained notes. This is a guitar with a special capability to adapt to the way the guitarist plays.


Price €9,819.01


It is our baby, the first of all our artisan guitars, much more simple in fan bracing and design. Its woods give voice to our characteristic sound: round, warm, with a wide range of overtones and great projection. Although its aesthetics don’t reach the beauty of her older sisters, its comfort and versatility are two of its best qualities. 

Price €4,173.56


When this project was being studied, it was liked the idea of showing a side of Spain related to the Spanish Guitar and Spanish wine, both nationally and internationally. This was the reason why Amalia Ramírez presented this design in 2010. PRICE OF THE BASIC MODEL: 7.743.80 €+ 21% VAT in Spain (variations in the description)

Price €9,470.25


It was in 1911 when Carlos Trapani and Martín Borda y Pagola, mecenas of Agustín Barrios, Mangoré, gave him as a precious gift a guitar built by José Ramirez I. It is said that on a trip he made in Uruguay, the guitar fell to a stream, and Barrios rescued it from the water and when it dried up he continued playing it. There is another version according to which the guitar fell into a well, be that as it may, it did not discourage the artist because he continued playing it as if nothing had happened.

I had the honor of seeing this legendary guitar during my visit to Asunción in November 2014, when Luz Borja took me to the Casa de la Música to see it, which was very exciting for me, not only because it was the work of my great-grandfather, but for the added value that it had been played by a guitar genius like Agustín Barrios. I made that beloved guest trip to the first edition of the Guitar Forum held in Paraguay, and I offered to repair the flaws that the instrument had, respecting, of course, the dedication of Mangoré written on its cover, but Margarita Morselli did not get the indispensable permission to bring it to our workshop in Madrid as she would have liked.

Almost six years later we have reproduced that guitar using the templates of the original Tablao model designed at the beginning of the 20th century, corresponding to Barrios’ guitar. Of course we have not reproduced his dedication, as is natural, but the guitar is the same, with its spruce top and its rosewood back and sides and the intricate design of its mother-of-pearl rosette, as an initiative of my nephews Cristina and Enrique, being Enrique who built the first copy following the parameters of his great-great-grandfather, José Ramírez I.


Amalia Ramirez

Price €7,546.29