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Top guitar with high quality woods. After several months working with flamenco guitarists to develop an adequate fan bracing and body, we have achieved an instrument with powerful, strong and well-balanced bass. It has a bright and very flamenco sound.
This guitar also works great for jazz, bossa nova or popular Latin-American music.

Price €2,364.46


New “del Tiempo” Guitar: It is a commemorative guitar that honors the history of “Casa Ramírez". This model has been created to celebrate the 135 years since the beginning of this wonderful adventure of constructing guitars started by José Ramírez I in 1882. Currently we have reached the fifth generation and we still feel as enthusiastic as we did then.


Studio model with a special design to pay tribute to a great master and a long-lasting friendship. Three generations have enjoyed this close and dear friendship. Amalia Ramírez designed this guitar with a very special ornamentation. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 1.566,12 € + 21% VAT in Spain


Guitar of simple construction ideal for those who want to start the adventure of playing the guitar. It has powerful bass tones and it is comfortable enough for beginners.

Price €1,107.44


To commemorate the 125th birthday of the guitar-making dynasty, Amalia Ramírez has published an exquisitely designed book with full-colour photographs of old documents, press articles and letters from the great guitar players who formed the history of this country as the cradle of the Spanish guitar 

Price €43.22

MEDIUM TENSION (3º in carbon)

In our continuous search for a string of better sound for our guitars, four sets of new strings are presented. They are the result of an extensive testing for a wide and powerful sound. These strings are presented in the following ways: 

Price €14.88