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With the success of Aura Imaging Technology, guitar manufacturers asked us to develop an Aura system that could be built into their top-tier acoustic-electric models. The Aura Pro is that product, and is now available to players everywhere.

These systems are only sold physically in our shop (C/ de la Paz, 8, 28020-Madrid) and for guitars of this house (Ramírez).

For more information, contact us via email or by phone +34 915314229.

Price €293.39


Studio model with a special design to pay tribute to a great master and a long-lasting friendship. Three generations have enjoyed this close and dear friendship. Amalia Ramírez designed this guitar with a very special ornamentation. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 1.566,12 € + 21% VAT in Spain

Price €1,594.12


Popularly known as 1A; many people also refer to it as the Segovia model. Guitar created in the 1960s by José Ramírez III. This guitar was revolutionary regarding its construction method. It has a deep, powerful, and balanced sound and rich harmonics.

MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 7.256,20€+ 21% VAT in Spain

Price €7,546.29


Semi-professional model in between our studio and professional guitars, based on the SP model to which we have introduced improvements in quality and price. The SPR guitar is partly built at the Ramírez workshop, where once finished it is carefully reviewed, adjusted and certified.

Price €3,069.43


The Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system is the newest version of our flagship Matrix Series and offers clear, transparent tone, dynamic string response, and ease of installation. Easily accessible soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone rotary controls allow the player to effortlessly make adjustments to their sound.

Price €113.23


We launched this new edition of the José Ramírez'S I Tablao Guitar based on his template and design, but improving manufacturing details and adapting it to current preferences regarding comfort and proportions. We have also introduced minor aesthetic modifications, following the trends of the time when it was originally designed. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 7.063,64€ + 21% VAT in Spain

Price €7,346.29


Basic construction of the Traditional guitar, with a 638mm scale length. Some guitar players require a shorter scale that our usual ones (664mm and 650mm), and, therefore, we are currently offering the 638 option. As the scale is shorter, the projection will also be shorter. MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 7.256,20€ + (21% VAT in Spain)

Price €7,546.29


To commemorate the 125th birthday of the guitar-making dynasty, Amalia Ramírez has published an exquisitely designed book with full-colour photographs of old documents, press articles and letters from the great guitar players who formed the history of this country as the cradle of the Spanish guitar 

Price €43.23


This system packs features similar to the Prefix Plus series, on a smaller bezel that occupies 1/3 less space on the guitar — an excellent fit on slim-bodied acoustic-electrics.

Price €164.47


This guitar was created in response to the demand for an instrument similar in sound to the guitars from the early 20th century. It was designed to adapt to a spruce pine top and it is, therefore, basically built with spruce pine top, and/or with cedar top only when requested.

MINIMUM SUGGESTED PRICE: 7.256,20 € + 21% VAT in Spain

Price €7,546.29