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Manuel Alonso Gimnez
MAG, later n18

Cayetano lvarez Luna
He didn't have initials, when he made guitars, he used those of Pedro Contreras, PC

Jos Luis lvarez Mariblanca
JLA, plus tard n15

Paulino Bernab Almendriz

Carlos Blanco Pea
CB, later n20

Manuel Cceres Pizarro
MC, later n 8

Enrique Borreguero Marcos
EB, later n 17

Alfonso Contreras Valbuena
AC, later n 7

Pedro Contreras Valbuena
PC -Shared inicials with Cayetano lvarez

Jos Flores Dur
JF, later n 3

Juan Garca Rey
JG, later n 9

Manuel Gonzlez Contreras

Pedro Jimnez Posadas
PJ, later n 16 His surname is Jimnez, not Gimnez; in addition, his name is Pedro - I have no record of Manuel

Jos Lpez Cubillo
JL, later n 12

Carmelo Llerena Martnez
CLL, later n 4

Miguel Malo Martnez
MM, later n 1

Flix Manzanero Cabrera
FM (until 1965)

Pedro Manzanero Cabrera
He has no initials because he never made guitars

Ignacio Manzano Rozas

Antonio Martnez Ortega

Julin Moraga Rodrguez
JM, later n 19

Fernando Morcuende de Cruz
FM, later n 5 (since 1.968)

Ramn Pealver Soler
Although he was the first disciple that he had, the same as Pedro Manzanero.

Teodoro (Goyo) Prez Mariblanca
GP, later n 13

Jos Romero Garrido
JRG, later n 14

Manuel Rodrguez Fernndez
He was not a disciple of Jos Ramirez III, he was a workmate, but he left before developing all his innovations. He's a disciple of Jos Ramirez II

Arturo Sanzano Moreno
AS, later n 6

Mariano Tezanos Castro
MTC, later n 10 He also used the initials MT, but with the T inverted, in order to distinguish him from his father.

Mariano Tezanos Martn
MT, later n 2

Juan Miguel Guardiola Moreno
MAG, later n 11

Jos Ramrez IV
0. He normally didn't use initials , although at the beginning, in some guitars, he used "O". If he should use them, they would be JER

Amalia Ramrez
She doesn't use initials on her guitars, although should she do so they would be AR.