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The MIDI device in fact is a language; a protocol that uses a digital signal previously coded by controllers. This enables any MIDI instrument to communicate with other machines like, computers, PC and MAC, synthesizers, sound modules, score editors, and other software.

The possibilities of our MIDI Guitar are countless. By assigning to each string a different instrument, it can create an authentic symphonic orchestra, or electronically simulate sounds like the cello, piano, and even the human voice. This makes it easy to write a score with the computer after the previous configuration of software in real time. Our MIDI Guitar responds instantly to any of the MIDI controllers. The acoustic body and neck are reminiscent of our student guitars, so you will have regular ease of playing action, scale length, and fret board width. You can connect our MIDI Guitar by jack and transform it into a wonderful sounding guitar which allows each note to be performed with exceptional clarity, or it can be disconnected from its jack or MIDI and be returned to an acoustic guitar to preserve its original sound.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: All these guitars come with nylon strings and pickup,. You will need a MIDI electroacustic converter (GK-MIDI) . MIDI POLY DRIVE IV SYSTEM.