Studio 3

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(Studio Guitars)

Top studio guitar with a selection of first quality woods. Its sound recalls the original sound characteristic of this firm.

Great volume, force, variety of timbres, balance, roundness and warmth.

Amplification can be incorporated with a Fishman, Schertler or Midi RMC installation. The top can also be ordered to be built with spruce, which adds a brighter and warmer sound, different from the roundness and depth of the red cedar. This guitar can be constructed for left-handed people as well. If you are interested in other variations, please contact us at:



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Handmade guitars vs. studio guitars

In this video Cristina Ramirez uncovers this doubt that many of you usually have between these two product lines. In addition, the guitarist Adrián Baratech will give voice to two of the most representative models of each of the features. To sum up, the guitars that...

History of Ramirez Guitars studio guitars

When my great-grandfather, José Ramírez I, opened his business on his own, after the separation from his brother Manuel, he offered for sale both the guitars handmade in his workshop and those made in Valencian factories: Julve, and later also Vicente Tatay, who made...

The Ramirez Labels of our handmade and studio guitars

Today we are going to talk about the labels of the guitars handmade in our workshop, our Ramírez Labels. Until 1967 there was no real control of the labels, therefore, the dates will be approximate and surely there are some labels that are not reflected in this...