Exagon guitar headstock José Ramírez

This guitar headstock has a high-precision mechanism handmade in Italy and features JR design by Amalia Ramirez. It can also be made to order with black headstock, to suit your style and the look of your guitar.

Thanks to its features, our Exagon guitar headstock provides a precise fit and exceptional stability in tuning the instrument. It also ensures a good hold on the strings and prevents unwanted shifting.

ATTENTION: Please note that until the 1980’s the pegbox was 36mm. Since then, the 35mm pegbox has been used and is still in use today.

If you have a guitar prior to this date and you want this pegbox, your guitar would need an intervention in our workshop to cover the old holes and open new ones. You could also purchase the headstock of the old model in 36mm.


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With delicate construction and meticulous attention to detail, this guitar headstock brings a distinguished aesthetic to the instrument.

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