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Tradicional Vino Guitar

Traditional Vino Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) When we thought about the project we liked the idea of showing an image of Spain related to Spanish Guitar and Spanish Wine, both nationally and internationally. In fact, one of the few musical instruments in the world whose nationality is part of its name is the Spanish guitar. Therefore, in 2011 in the Messe of Frankfurt, we presented the Wine Series, designed as a series with unique design based on wine aesthetic. TECHNICAL...


AC650 NY CWE Guitar (Handcraft Guitars) Acoustic professional guitar with nylon strings. Designed by José Ramírez III, with the collaboration of his son José Ramírez IV. These guitars are also avialable with electrification equipment FISHMAN or SCHERTLER. These guitars are also available with MIDI (RMC) equipment. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

Aniverario Guitar

Aniversario Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) A limited design created to celebrate the 125 years of this firm. We only built 125 guitars with 125 ornamentations in marquetry, one for each guitar, placed at the back of the headstock. DETAILS: -Sides and back in Madagascar rosewood -Red cedar top, or German spruce if specified in the order. -The scale can be 664 mm or 650 mm to be specified in the order. -There are carvings on the bridge and the hill. -There is a special design in boxwood...

Manuel Ramirez Guitar

Manuel Ramírez (Clásica) (Guitarra Artesana) Guitarra construida en el taller de José Ramírez. Reproducción del ejemplar realizado por Manuel Ramírez en 1912, la misma que regaló a Andrés Segovia antes de que este realizara su concierto en el Ateneo de Madrid. Esta expuesta en el Metropolitan Museum of Art de Nueva York, junto a una guitarra de José Ramírez III que perteneció a Parkening. ESPECIFICACIONES TÉCNICAS

Antigua Guitar

Antigua Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) This guitar is born as a response to the demand of an instrument with a similar sound, in some aspects, to the guitars that were made at the beginning of the 20th century. This guitar has been developed to fit in with the spruce top, so it is constructed with a spruce top, and with a red cedar top only if it is made to order. Nowadays, tastes on sound are really varied in the world of Classical guitar, that’s why we want to offer more...

Romantica Guitar

Romantica Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) Instrument conceived by José Ramírez III as a result of the investigations carried out through the items of his collection of historic guitars. A new design is created, with clear influences from the past. Six simple strings guitar, with the personality, tone and color characteristic of the guitars of the time. It is provided with wide and well-balanced harmonics. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

Tradicional Guitar

Tradicional Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) Popularly known as 1A; many people also refer to it as the Segovia model. Guitar created in the 1960s by José Ramírez III. This guitar was revolutionary regarding its construction method. It has a deep, powerful, and balanced sound and rich harmonics.  This is the model from the 1960’s designed by José Ramírez III, applying new techniques to its construction and based on the experience and breakthroughs of the past years. Thus, with the...

Auditorio Duo Guitar

Auditorio Duo Guitar (Classical) (Handcraft Guitars) Traditional guitar, with the same sound features, in which I have applied construction techniques that have increased its power, amplitude and sustained notes. This is a guitar with a marked capability to adapt to the way the guitarist plays. Amalia Ramirez has given a new impulse to the design of the Auditorio guitar. It is one step forward in the evolution of this guitar, which results have significantly exceeded the previous Auditorio....

Tradicional Serranito Guitar

Traditional Serranito Guitar(Flamenca) (Handcraft Guitars) Víctor Monge “Serranito” is an eminent personality and a key in the history of flamenco. It was his passion, virtuosity, his exquisite sensitivity, his creativity and his curiosity to learn what lead him to the most important auditoriums and concert halls all around the world, and very soon turned him into the leading light of flamenco and an essential figure to understand the evolution of this universal style. This guitar, based in...

Flamenca Negra Guitar

Flamenca Negra Guitar (Handcraft Guitars) José Ramírez I created the "Tablao Guitar", which revolutionized the world of the flamenco guitar and was, subsequently, developed by his younger brother and disciple, Manuel. Our current guitar has an ample sound range; it is comfortable and provides the characteristic flamenco sound. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION  
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